80 hosts calculation

  • 2⁷-2=0
  • 128–2=126
  • 126 hosts we will assign
  • How many network bits is there: 1 bit
  • which bit is last bit: 8th bit
  • what is 8th bit value: 128, so our block size is 128.
  • And our increment value is 128.
  • NSM →
  • In CIDR Notation /25.
  • — 128 /25.

30 hosts calculation

  • Same here also use finger game and find the how many fingers
  • Use 2^h-2 this formula
  • Find NSM and write CIDR Notation also
  • Then finally use increment value and write the IP Range
  • Ex: my previous IP range–128 /25.
  • My increment value is 32, and My IP range is 10.67.129–160 CIDR Notation is →/27.
  • My increment value is 32 add to 128 →160

Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key.-unkown




Newbie in techie

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Newbie in techie

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